Mobicosa® is a leading Greenlipped Mussel product available in Australia

Why your body may need the constituents of GLM

Mobicosa® is a natural product that may alleviate arthritic symptoms. As we get older our bodies may not be able to produce the nutrients the body requires, and wearing of the joint may be inevitable. However it doesn’t have to be this way.


Mobicosa® has an array of natural properties that are known for their ability to assist in reducing the onset of arthritic symptoms, and may offer relief of arthiritc symptoms such as inflammation of the joints (anti inflammation) and rejuvenation of cartilage and connective tissues at the joints.


Why we think Mobicosa is your best option

Buying from a company with an already proven track record of delivering effective premium products in markets globally.

  • A product that is widely known and proven
  • A product that is tested extensively for any possible contaminants
  • Neutrophil study/activity - CLICK HERE
  • 17 years experience on GLM products, Mobicosa® a quality product - CLICK HERE
  • Registrations/compliances: APVMA, TGA, ACVM, GMP, SFDA, EU, HACCP & MPI Registered Exporters 


This is what some of our customer's say


I have arthritis in my knees, feet and hands. I take the Mobicosa® capsules every day and words can't describe the relief I get. I can highly recommend Mobicosa® capsules to anyone with arthritis.

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